Words of Encouragement from the Lunchroom Lady

Posted on by Mike Green


by Mike Green

I stood in line to pay for my Gatorade drink at one of our high schools. The lunchroom was packed with kids and enthusiasm that day. The cafeteria worker not knowing my face asked me if I was a new teacher. I said “no ma’am I am with Campus Life.” Prepared to explain what in the world Campus Life wasI was pleasantly surprised when her eyes brightened and she said “oh our kids just love you Campus Life guys.” She singled out one of our staff by name and told how much he means to the kids at the school. Then she said “I wish I could give you the drink for free but they won’t let me.” The thought was worth more than a free drink.

With my drink secured I stood for a moment and looked out across the lunchroom. I saw a couple of hundred students and two of our staff. One staff laughing, joking and having a great time with a group of kids gathered around. The other engaged in what appeared to be a serious “counseling session.” This is YFC ministry on the frontlines. It is laughs, fun and sometimes complete chaos mixed with life-changing conversations about life’s important issues. It’s not for the faint of heart. But it is filled with great rewards.

I have intentionally left the names of the staff out of my story. To single out just a few would be a disservice to all the YFC staff, paid and volunteer, who are waist deep in the lives of kids. Our staff engage hundreds of teenagers at 12 ministry sites across our community. They take the time to listen, to share hope and to ultimately express the love of God with every young person encountered. Everyday of the week you can enter high school lunchrooms and other teen gathering places and see our team in action. It’s pretty cool.

Without your support none of this is possible -- no staff, no fun, no life-changing conversations. Thank you for putting your support where your heart is.  You give kids the opportunity to have their lives impacted by the love of Christ. And I can tell you that they are hungry for it. One of our staff recently shared with me a story of how a student was brought to tears explaining what the people of YFC have meant to her. Please understand she was talking about you.

Romans 10:14 tells us that our youth “can’t hear unless someone is sent.” Thank you for going, listening, loving and sharing the hope of Jesus Christ!

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