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Posted on by Mike Green

Another year comes to an end. Do you ever ask yourself if what you have done this year really matters? Was it just another 12 months of running errands, paying bills, and meeting obligations? There are scattered great moments of connecting with friends and family. But many opportunities were missed. Could more have been done?  And spiritually are we closer to God, further away or just hanging on? When the calendar reads December 31st, what will we have to show for 2011?

In the month of November we gave over 500 high school and middle school students from 8 campuses an opportunity to trust Christ and begin a relationship with Him.  Eighty students have informed us they began a relationship with Christ through our invitations. God used you, me and the YFC staff to actually DO SOMETHNG, something that will last. The answer is yes. Even if you can’t think of anything else you have accomplished in 2011, we have done something that matters.

After the Gospel was presented at Central High School one young lady was brought to tears. Not knowing what precisely brought this emotional response her classmates attempted to console her. They asked her what was wrong. Her reply, “didn’t you hear what was just shared? Didn’t you hear what Jesus did for us, for me?” Experiences like this one remind me of how amazing the Gospel was (and still is) when I first comprehended and trusted what Christ had done for me. That experience is made fresh as we walk alongside students who are now starting their journey with God. A journey towards being passionate and devoted followers of Jesus.

At another school we had two 8thgrade boys respond to Christ. After club I was informed by one of our youth pastor volunteers that these two youth were from an atheist background. One of his church kids had been reaching out to these two friends and he hoped they would be visiting the youth group that Wednesday night.  I was thrilled to learn that they did make it to church that night. As far as we know this is one of the few times they have been in a church.

Not all the youth responded to our invitation to follow Christ. Many of the teenagers who attend our Campus Life and Teen Moms programs arrive skeptical, even antagonistic towards Christianity. But most just don’t know what they believe. They cry out for someone to make God relevant and restore the hope that their lives have a real purpose.

“Please don’t judge me for asking this question but I’ve heard students and you mention God a lot in our meetings. What about the student who doesn’t believe in God? I mean, you say we need to know God. If I know myself…my likes and dislikes…what I will and will not do…can’t I determine my own fate? Am I not the creator of my own destiny? Who or what is God really?”

“So Jesus really took on all of the sins we’ve ever committed?”

“No one has ever explained all this to me before. But it’s starting to make sense. Thank you.”

That “thank you” is for you. Without your partnership these God designed conversations would not be taking place. And they are taking place by the hundreds.

As we wrap up 2011 this has been one of our best years ever in terms of number of kids reached and how many who have responded to Christ. There are hundreds of reasons to celebrate this Christmas. It has however been a challenging year financially.  As we enter the last calendar month of the year YFC is $12,000 behind budget. Without your help at year’s end ministry will be hindered. I am asking you to not let that happen. More specifically I ask you to consider doing two things this December. First, give your most generous Christmas gift to share the Gospel with teenagers. Please dream big. What could God do through you? Second, plan to set aside a generous gift each month in 2012 to continue to reach students with a monthly pledge. A gift of $50 or more each month will change the life of a young teen mom and her child or give hope to an un-churched high school youth who doesn’t yet understand God’s amazing love.

Would you do both of these things?We will do even more in 2012. We will have even more to celebrate next Christmas. “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly more.”




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