Teenagers are Our Business

Posted on by Mike Green

I’m not sure who coined the phrase above for Youth For Christ but it still resonates with everything we do. For 43 years YFC ministries have reached tens of thousands of Tuscaloosa youth with the Good News of Jesus Christ. This fall we intend to engage more students on more campuses than ever before.

The last three months have been challenging for YFC like it has been for the rest of the Tuscaloosa community. Many of the  youth in our ministry saw their homes destroyed and lives forever changed on April 27th. Many of these youth and their families reached out to YFC and we were there for them.  I am so proud of the work you, our staff and volunteers have done to assist so many. Another result of the storm is we have seen a significant drop in our giving from our local partners. Many were directly or indirectly impacted by the storm. God’s plan through this was to give opportunities to many outside of Tuscaloosa to support YFC. But those gifts appear to have ended and it is imperative that the local community continues to stand with us.

We are not certain what the financial future holds but as you will see in this newsletter ministry expansion will continue. I am so glad that God continues to add to our team.  Thank you for being on the team.

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