Project Serve Completes Big Week

Posted on by Mike Green

Today marks the final day for our relief teams from Defiance,OH and Manatee,FL. It has been a week of great success as well as great challenges. Our teams of youth and leaders persevered through 100 degree temperatures and seemingly 100 plus percent humidity to clear debris and trees for homeowners and businesses and they delivered tons (literally) of food to Alberta Baptist from distribution centers.  As I write to you one of our young workers is recouperating at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. She faced a serious breathing issue but is making progress. I am so proud of our YFC leaders who reacted quickly and got such good care for our young friend. As I drove home last night from Children's with three young leaders and staff I was amazed as they shared their experiences that day helping their friend. I was also glad to hear how appreciatve they were of the staffs at DCH and Children's, the ambulance drivers and everyone else that assisted them.  They were really amazed that people actually cared for them being from so far away. They were brought to tears as people loved them, prayed for them and offered their help in the middle of the crisis. I also want to throw out a big thanks to Don and Sue Leader from Findley, OH. They lead the YFC chapter in their community and volunteered an entire week to help us serve the relief teams in town with us. Also thank you to Henry, Brett and Matt from Pinelake Church in Jackson, MS and Debbie Cormier from Atlanta who served all our meals. It was the best food I have ever eaten in any kind of camp setting. And finally thank you Inga Swope for your countless hours of service as our project director. You were great to work with. Thank all of you for making a diffrence in Tuscaloosa and the Kingdom.

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