Many Blessings During Tornado Relief

Posted on by Mike Green

Yes, the challenges continue. Overwhelming devastation. Families with needs that are hard to fathom. But God is using YFC and His people to do much good across our community. Much of that good is coming by way of new and deeper partnerships with churches, other YFC chapters and families. Churches are buying and donating washer and dryers, couches, televisions and anything else our families require to help them put their lives back together. Last week a team from a church in Hudsonville, MI and Grand Valley State University worked over 760 man hours (woman hours as well) in the blazing heat clearing debris and trees.  Locals were amazed at their hard work to help those they have never even met.

Also last week with the partnership of Northriver Church we delivered a bed to a family. When we arrived we discovered there was not another piece of furniture in the entire home. All they had left was four small boxes of belongings. And yes, we are helping them acquire their other needs.  Thank you Northriver and to all of you who God has prompted to help those in such desperate need.

In three weeks we anticipate our first large work crew of high school students through Project Serve. YFC kids from across the country will be in town to make a difference. Please pray for their efforts. Pray God will do much good through them and in them as they serve. And thank you to the churches and YFC chapters who are preparing and serving food to our teams. We couldn't do it without you.

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