Life Can Be Confusing

Posted on by Mike Green

In recent weeks I have been reminded by a couple of young friends how confusing this world can be.  Neither grew up with the Christian faith. Both are now choosing their beliefs cafeteria style.  Each has selected their own personal preferences. One has chosen Wicca, reincarnation, and a belief in a god and a goddess. The other believes God is both good and evil and that all religions are basically the same. 

I asked my Wicca friend how she came to believe what she believes. Here was her response -- “As for what led me to believe...I guess I just sorta had a feeling, I guess. I don't know really...I just sat myself down and said "what do you really believe in?" and this was what I came up with.”

My other friend’s response was similar. He says no one has ever sat down with him and helped him wrestle with these issues. He shared this with a sense of desperation. His contact with Christian high school friends has not been positive. He says they have for the most part been arrogant, harsh and quick to condemn. He has never been able to ask a question without being made to feel stupid. “No one has ever helped me find the answers, at least not until now.”

We are changing that. For the last few weeks I have met with this young man and answered many questions, shared the hope I have in Christ and watched as God has kept the doors of communication open. He is open to talking and sharing honestly. He has years of questions locked up inside. It’s going to be a long road. Yesterday he told me “you and I seem to disagree about everything.” I assured him that was not the case. I reminded him of all we share in common.  But I also told him “what fun would it be if we just sat around and talked only about things with which we agree.” He agreed and our conversations continue.  

These two friends and hundreds of others need the friendship and truth that you and I can offer. As a new school year has begun Youth For Christ has a plan to reach hundreds of teenagers with love and truth. But we need partners like you to make that happen. Please consider a gift to support the ministries of YFC. Every penny will have a life-changing impact upon our kids.




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