Jaquez’s Story

Posted on by Mike Green

“If you hadn’t come to Central that day, I wouldn’t have met you.  If I hadn’t met you, I probably wouldn’t be a Christian right now.  I definitely wouldn’t be working with Campus Life.”

With a grateful heart like that of a proud father, I looked at Jaquez and said, “You really do get it.  Now, the person you say I was for you is the person I want you to be for someone else.  Perhaps there is a kid who may never know Jesus if you don’t let God lead you to him/her.”  Enthusiastically, he commented, “I’m ready man.”

The day I met Jaquez five years ago, I didn’t know that I would meet the student who would become my right hand man.  I didn’t know that God was introducing me to a future staff.  All I knew is that I felt led by God to be at Central High that day.  Even though I had carved out Mondays and Fridays to do lunch visits at Central, I felt like God wanted me there that particular Tuesday.  Obviously, I was right.  That Tuesday, I met Jaquez.   After spending a few weeks visiting lunch and intentionally having conversations with him, he finally decided to visit a Campus Life club.  From that one visit, other than a time or two, Jaquez never missed club for the next two years. 

Jaquez eventually gave his life to Christ in Campus Life.  He grew in his faith over the years and developed into a strong student leader.  After high school, he decided to enlist in the US Marine Corps.  He felt led by God to join the Marine Corps Reserve so that he could still be involved in Campus Life.  Right now, he is preparing for his third school year with our Westlawn Middle School team.  This year, we’re training him to take over the leadership of our Westlawn ministry. 

Just like I felt led by God to go to Central on a Tuesday and Jaquez felt led by God to go into the reserves instead of going active duty, we need partners who will be led by God to join our team.  Your support will translate into another teenager hearing the transformative message of the Gospel.

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