In a Circle

Posted on by Mike Green

by Mike Green

I sat in a large circle with high school students and our leaders on a Tuesday night. Many of the students, as seniors, were experiencing their last Campus Life club meeting of their high school years. Each was given opportunity to share their highlights from Campus Life. Several shared funny games. Some talked about stories we had shared that were used to point students toward Biblical truth and their need for a Savior. We also remembered a few stories about ducks and lawnmowers but couldn’t quite remember the spiritual connection. Randy spoke of how he had learned about truly following Jesus. He shared how making Jesus first priority had changed everything in his life. Another student, Abby, talked about how when she first arrived at Campus Life she was painfully shy. Now she has friends and a support group that have helped her “breakout” of her isolation.  She has also found faith in Christ.   
It is on nights like this one that we get glimpses into what God has been up to in the lives of students. Although we knew some of the decisions and commitments to Christ that had taken place, as students shared, we had more than just a few surprises. It was a rewarding night for leaders as we realized how God has used us. 

But as we sat around our circle my mind moved to the students who had disappeared in recent months.  Maybe just because schedules became too busy or maybe because the conviction of God was too great. But for whatever reason they were no longer regulars at Campus Life. Some of these teens are also seniors and our opportunity to influence their lives is quickly fading. In my mind I can also see the hundreds of students that I have met in cafeterias, in classrooms and out in the community that we not yet fully engaged. Many are still without Christ. Our mission is not complete.

We celebrate with you all that God has done in 2017-18. But we will remain steadfast in our commitment to reach every student God brings across our path in our 20 target high schools and middle schools. There is more work to be done. God is not done.

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