Give Life To Their Story

Posted on by Mike Green

“I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

The fact that 21 students filled a room at Westlawn Middle School recently is not newsworthy. The reason they filled the room is the important part of the story. 

In YFC we fill rooms with students in groups ranging from 10 to 100 regularly and sometimes even hundreds gather. But this group on a Friday afternoon at Westlawn was unique. These students weren’t drawn by pizza, or the lure of a fun time together.  No these youth were attending to much more serious business.

All 21 of these students were about to begin a journey. And they were preparing for departure. The day before all of these 6th, 7th and 8th graders had said “yes” to Jesus. They had now gathered together as our leaders shared with them how “walking with Jesus was going to change… everything.”

As they entered the room the students were not their normal energetic selves. Their typical banter was replaced with a quiet calmness. They seemed eager to know what they were to do next.   As they took their seats our leaders got the conversation moving. “So tell me what you understand about our need for Jesus.”  The students then took turns sharing their understanding of sin, Jesus and why He had to die. One student said that before yesterday he never understood that “without accepting Jesus he couldn’t fully know God and go to Heaven.” Another said that none of the rest of his family goes to church or believes any of the “God stuff.” One student said she could now “call herself a Christian and it meant something.” The students, all 21 of them, were attentive to what our leaders and each other had to say. And although they came from varying church backgrounds they now all seemed to have one burning conviction. They wanted to know Jesus and how to follow Him.

Before the group dispersed a young Hispanic student, I will call Manuel, asked when the group would meet again. It was a simple question but it reminded our leaders what a huge need we have for more leaders and materials to serve not just these 21 but also the additional 125 students who walk through the doors of the Campus Life club at just this one school. Then multiply that need by the 16 campuses where we currently reach students. The need and opportunity it represents are enormous.  

When you partner with YFC you go into schools, neighborhoods and detention centers for one purpose. You provide an opportunity for Christ to give life to the story of every kid we meet. That was His purpose in coming and that continues to be our mission in 2017 and beyond.

This year the YFC staff and board took a heroic step of launching new ministries into more schools than ever before. We desire to give hundreds of additional students the chance to begin a walk with Christ. This year we will consistently reach over 2,000 youth from at least sixteen schools and the Detention Center. But to serve these young people we need concerned adults like yourself to partner with us. 

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