He Just Said That Out Loud

11/22/2019 in Category

When students open up and share their deepest hurts, it sometimes surprises us. At a recent Campus Life meeting, a leader asked his group of students “what is one thing you would change about... More

These Kids Are Out of Control

11/22/2019 in Category

On each of the past four Wednesday mornings I, along with four of our other leaders, have had the opportunity to run a Campus Life club at an area middle school. Several dozen students from... More

The Last Kid I Ever Expected

11/22/2019 in Category

Nate was the last kid I ever expected to see that morning. But there he was running down the hallway of his middle school calling out to me “Hey Mister.” As turned I immediately recognized... More

In a Circle

11/28/2018 in Category

by Mike Green

I sat in a large circle with high school students and our leaders on a Tuesday night. Many of the students, as seniors, were experiencing their last Campus Life club meeting of... More

More Connections

11/28/2018 in Category

by Yara Akl

I have always had a heart for the youth. Grade school was always rough for me, but I specifically remember my middle school years being some of the darkest times of my life. When... More