Tabetha’s Story

1/18/2020 in Category Youth For Christ Blog

Tabetha was a typical student in our ministry a few years ago. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with her and see what path life has taken. In high school, Tabetha found herself... More

Jaquez’s Story

1/16/2020 in Category

“If you hadn’t come to Central that day, I wouldn’t have met you.  If I hadn’t met you, I probably wouldn’t be a Christian right now.  I definitely wouldn’t be working with Campus... More

Just One Conversation

1/16/2020 in Category Youth For Christ Blog, Mike's Blog

She barely said hello. Jessica was out of her element and it was obvious she was uncomfortable. She and her sister had just been dropped off by their step-dad for our Camp 48 weekend. As... More

Andy Didn’t Like Christians

1/16/2020 in Category Youth For Christ Blog

Andy didn’t like Christians. Then the most unexpected thing happened.

He became one.

For as long as Andy can remember he didn’t trust Christians. In his mind, they were always trying to... More

Doing The Unspeakable

11/22/2019 in Category

Fighting against the tide of peer pressure, Devon did what must have seemed impossible. As his pack of friends headed off to class, Devon hung back to help move tables and chairs.

I met... More